Merrimack Valley SportsPlex is the sportsplex of tomorrow. While still in the development phase, MV Sports aspires to be the ultimate destination for sports, recreation, team training, individual instruction, group events and group outings.

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Merrimack Valley SportsPlex

To be located in Salem at the southeastern tip of New Hampshire, just above the Massachusetts border—Merrimack Valley SportsPlex will be the area’s ultimate destination for sports, group events and recreation programs.

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What to Look Forward to:

  • A state-of-the-art, unique design
  • A second-level mezzanine “spine” that bisects the facility and overlooks two separate and distinct sport amenities
  • One side of the mezzanine will feature a boarded “arena-style” turf field 
  • The other side will feature a hardwood court area with multiple basketball and volleyball courts

Merrimack Valley SportsPlex will encompass various indoor components and a diverse selection of products and services. In addition to the turf sports and court sports, ancillary elements shall include:

  • A high ropes challenge course
  • Offices
  • Meeting/conference/party rooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Donated office space
  • A concessions area.

By combining these elements into one complex, Merrimack Valley SportsPlex will create a hub of activity for the local area and region while also providing a full family experience that promotes competition, involvement, entertainment, and leisure while eliciting fun, excitement, and a desire to return season after season and year after year.

Because of its cross-functional design, Merrimack Valley SportsPlex can also accommodate events (e.g. wrestling meets, gymnastics meets, indoor golf training) and other activities like dodgeball, pickleball, wiffleball, and badminton just to name a few. 

Merrimack Valley SportsPlex will offer something for nearly every athlete or group events organizer. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to hear about all Merrimack Valley SportsPlex will soon offer.